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Mobil Greases

At Teyseer Motors W.L.L., we know that grease matters. With the demands of modern industrial operations pushing your equipment to ever-greater limits, the right grease formulation can provide you with the performance to improve productivity and reduce costs.

In fact, Mobil-branded leading-edge greases — whether mineral or synthetic — can deliver outstanding equipment protection and enable problem-free operation in even the most demanding of environments.

Mobil Grease Performance Series
In the latest chapter of our grease story and a demonstration of our continued commitment to bringing technologically advanced products and innovation to your business, Teyseer Motors W.L.L. is proud to present the Mobil Grease Performance Series – a selection of entertaining and educational animated videos introducing you to the unique properties and microscopic components of our state-of-the-art industrial grease.

Watch episodes 1-7 to discover the benefits of grease:

We stock the following high-performance Mobil greases that can provide first-rate stability against oxidisation and moisture intrusion as well as excellent corrosion protection and flow characteristics, even at very low temperatures.

Mobil Grease XHP 222
Mobilgrease XHP 322 Mine