Passenger Vehicles | Mobil 1 Workshop Program

Building on the strength of the Mobil brand, the Mobil 1 Workshop Program is designed to raise the profile and future profitability of independent workshops.

Mobil lubricants cover the market. With a family of engine oils formulated to provide outstanding performance for all driving styles and operating conditions, you can be confident that offering one range will meet the needs of your customers. Exceeding industry standards and recommended by championship racing teams, Mobil 1 provides higher performance and protection than conventional oils, resulting in longer engine life.

By associating your business with a leading brand that customers recognise and trust, the Mobil 1 Workshop Program can give you what you need to gain and retain loyal customers.

With the Mobil 1 Workshop Program your business will benefit from:

  • Brand Association – with a proven track record and global recognition for delivering critical performance and protection, Mobil 1 is recommended by many of the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers, and championship winning race teams alike. By associating your site with the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand, you can leverage the power of Mobil 1 to raise your own profile and demonstrate that quality lubricants are an integral part of your oil change facility.

  • Branding & Marketing Support – with assets to help associate your site with Mobil 1 such as high quality exterior, reception and lube bay branding, interior display units and consumer promotional materials, the Mobil 1 Workshop Program will ensure you convey a consistent high quality brand image to attract customers’ attention.

  • Knowledge & Operational Standards Support – with everything from ongoing assistance to help you maintain consistency and quality, to professional training and sales skill development to help your business to become an oil change expert, the Mobil 1 Workshop Program will give you the tools you need to help maximize business growth.

As part of the Mobil 1 Workshop Program, we will help you to differentiate your site from competition and increase your profit potential through selling the complete range of Mobil products. Together we can provide your customers with not only premium lubricant brands, but also with an unparalleled service.